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Review on "Made in America" by Sam Walton

I am not a supporter of books on business written in the last century - if only because many methods that worked in the U.S. in the 1980s have now lost their relevance (even in the U.S.). So the works of Ogilvy or Kotler can be safely omitted in favor of Ryan Holiday.

But there are a couple of exceptions. One of them is the book "Made in America" written by Sam Walton, founder of Walmart, the largest American retailer. It's not just another memoir in which the author tells how great he is and how he built such a beautiful company.

Sam Walton walks the reader through the various moments of his life - how he took the first store in Arkansas by franchise and refused to pay a 40% markup franchiser for goods. How he drove his pickup truck through the surrounding towns and bargained with suppliers. How many suppliers did not want to deal with him until Walmart became a billion company.

The book also tells a lot about corporate culture, how they minimized the cases of theft of goods in the industry and how they built a service oriented towards people. The book is definitely worth reading, no matter what kind of business you do - there are many insides in it. I remember the phrase about positioning - "when customers think about Walmart, they should think about low prices and guarantee of satisfaction". That's exactly the image that Sam has of the company.

After all, if you do not cause a strong association between the brand name and a certain picture in the head of your consumers, then you are not on the market. Any competitor with a larger advertising budget or a more daring strategy can push you out of the market. And only a fixed status in the head of potential consumers can help you fight the competition.

You can download this book here.
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